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Reconstructive Dentistry by Dr. Landau

Reconstructive dentistry involves rebuilding your smile when damage has been done, whether because of decay, disease, or injury. The complex reconstructive dentistry performed by Dr. Mark Landau in Skokie, IL has a cosmetic component to it. Making sure the results of your smile reconstruction are beautiful as well as strong and functional is important to Dr. Landau, who uses natural-looking materials and the most exclusive dental labs to make sure that your dental restorations look stunning. With crowns, dental implants, and other reconstructive dental procedures, Dr. Landau can make your smile even more attractive and functional than the one nature originally gave you.

Complete Reconstructive Dental Care

Dr. Landau works on extremely complex reconstructive dentistry cases. As the Director of Dentistry and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Rush North Shore Medical Center, Dr. Landau helps patients with severe damage gain new confidence and comfort with complete reconstructive smile makeovers. The results can be truly miraculous. For patients who’ve perhaps lived for years with embarrassing and inconvenient dental damage, reconstructive dentistry can provide a whole new outlook on life.

The reconstructive dentistry treatments offered by Dr. Mark Landau include:

Your dentist, oral surgeon, or periodontist may refer you to Dr. Landau for complex reconstructive dental care because he is known for being able to handle complicated cases. Because he can provide care in the hospital, you can opt for complete general anesthetic when undergoing long or possibly uncomfortable dental procedures. Once you’ve been referred to Dr. Landau, he’ll perform a thorough consultation and exam to determine the extent of damage and required reconstructive or cosmetic dentistry treatments.

After experiencing the reconstructive dentistry of Dr. Mark Landau, many patients opt to continue visiting our office for general dentistry care, including exams and checkups. Dr. Landau brings the same attention to quality and detail to his general dental care that he brings to his advanced rehabilitative and cosmetic care.

We may combine your reconstructive dentistry with cosmetic dental care treatments, such as porcelain veneers or cosmetic dental bonding. Your ultimate smile satisfaction is our number one goal.

Patients in the Chicago area are invited to visit the reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry office of Dr. Mark Landau. With up-to-date dental technology, comforts and amenities, and the highly skilled hands of Dr. Landau, we offer peace of mind for patients who want to take excellent care of their smiles. We serve the entire area, including Highland Park, Wilmette, Northbrook, Evanston, and all Chicago's North Shore Communities. Contact us to find out more.