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Porcelain Veneers near Chicago, IL

Dr. Mark Landau in Skokie, Illinois offers porcelain veneers crafted at exclusive dental labs.

Dr. Mark Landau is known for providing complex reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry at our Skokie, IL dental office in Chicago's North Shore area. In fact, he’s on the staff at the hospital next door, lectures on the subjects of cosmetic dental bonding and dental implants, and wrote a book on picking the right cosmetic dentist: Atlas of Cosmetic Dentistry: A Patient’s Guide. For those considering porcelain veneers, we encourage you to consider the care of Dr. Landau, who is well known for his talent as well as his reliance on some of the most exclusive boutique dental labs in the United States to create your porcelain veneers.

Unlike dental crowns, which cover the entire surface of the tooth, porcelain veneers go over the front side of your teeth. These tooth-shaped veneers of porcelain can be used to cover a variety of smile imperfections. For patients with crooked smiles, they offer an alternative to orthodontic treatment. They can cover teeth that have been chipped, cracked, or discolored. If you grind your teeth, the chewing surface will wear down, but porcelain veneers can help your teeth once again appear full and even. Porcelain is a beautiful restorative material that looks very natural and resists stains, making porcelain veneers a great solution for patients who might otherwise believe their smiles are beyond help. Known for taking on very advanced cosmetic dentistry cases, Dr. Landau may use porcelain veneers alone or along with other restorative and cosmetic treatments to makeover your smile.

We will make sure that your new porcelain veneers blend with your natural smile. The shade and shape can be modified to meet your specific goals and esthetic requirements. Once your porcelain veneers are placed, they will last for years to come and provide a complete transformation to boost confidence.

Dentists refer patients to Dr. Landau for porcelain veneers and other cosmetic dentistry care because our practice focuses the majority of our attention on providing smile makeovers for patients with a wide variety of problems, including the most advanced cases. If you would like to learn more about the services available at our Skokie, IL dental office, contact us. We are located in Chicago's North Shore near Highland Park, Wilmette, Northbrook, and  Evanston, Illinois, but we see patients from all over the state and country.