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Reconstructive Dentistry Providing Full-Mouth Reconstructions

Dr. Mark Landau is known for helping those with the most advanced cases of dental damage to find relief through complex reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry. A full-mouth reconstruction combines a number of different treatments in one overall treatment plan to rebuild your smile from the ground up. No matter how complex your case – broken teeth, missing teeth, ill-fitting dentures, stains, cracks, chips, gaps – we can bring together the procedures you need to makeover your unique smile, performing a full-mouth reconstruction at our Skokie dental office near Chicago.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction Options

Which procedures might Dr. Landau recommend for your full-mouth reconstruction?

Some patients have been suffering with dental damage and smile problems for years, embarrassed to visit the dentist and revive their ailing smiles. Others have avoided the dentist out of anxiety, fearing the discomfort of dental treatments. No matter the reason for your damaged smile, Dr. Landau approaches full-mouth reconstruction with understanding and a strong desire to help. With a full-mouth reconstruction from Dr. Landau, there is hope for your smile.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction Process

When you visit our dental office for a full-mouth reconstruction, the first step is to discuss your case and come up with a plan. Dr. Landau will sit down with you and spend a good deal of time finding out what you wish to change about your smile from an esthetic standpoint, examining your teeth for damage that needs to be repaired, and finding out about your oral and overall health history to serve your specific needs. Thorough treatment planning is the basis of any successful full-mouth reconstruction, and Dr. Landau wants to make sure that you’re ultimately satisfied with the results of the procedures.

For beautiful results and peace of mind, rely on Dr. Mark Landau for your full-mouth reconstruction. Contact our Skokie, IL dental office near Chicago to find out more about the services provided at our office and how you can see Dr. Landau. We are located in Chicago's North Shore area and convenient to Highland Park, Wilmette, Northbrook and Evanston, but we see patients from all over Illinois and the United States. Dr. Landau has a reputation for providing excellent full-mouth reconstruction results.