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Dental FAQs

Q) What is reconstructive dentistry?

Reconstructive dentistry combines techniques from restorative and cosmetic dentistry, beautifying and making over your smile while simultaneously fixing damage from decay, disease, or the loss of teeth. Our reconstructive services include dental implants, crowns, and full-mouth reconstructions. You may need reconstructive dentistry because of an accident, problems with prior dental work, or health conditions that have affected your smile.

Q) What types of technology do you use in your office?

Our North Shore Skokie dental practice is very technologically advanced, using digitized dental X-rays, intra-oral cameras, and soft tissue lasers to provide you with the most efficient and effective dental care possible. To learn more about our dental care technology, click here.

Q) Who provides your dental restorations?

Our dental restorations – crowns, inlays, onlays, and porcelain veneers – are created just for you at some of the most well-respected and specialized dental laboratories in the country. We rely on laboratories that will only create dental restorations for a small number of highly trusted dental practices, which instills great confidence in our patients. 

Q) Do you take care of dental emergencies?

Dr. Landau will make every attempt to handle your dental emergency swiftly. Contact our office if you experience an emergency.