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Crown Lengthening

Dr. Landau uses soft tissue lasers to provide state-of-the-art crown lengthening at our dental office in Chicago's North Shore Community.

Crown lengthening can serve several purposes. For those with too much gum tissue causing a “gummy” smile, we can remove gum tissue to make for a more attractive appearance. Others may require crown lengthening prior to other reconstructive treatments, such as the placement of dental crowns. With the use of soft tissue lasers, Dr. Mark Landau offers precision, comfort, and optimal healing at our Skokie, IL dental office. Crown lengthening may also involve the removal of bone tissue to expose enough tooth structure.

Crown lengthening prior to prosthetic restoration of a tooth is often vital because not making adequate room for the restoration can lead to serious complications. If a tooth is broken at the gum line, for instance, you must have crown lengthening done to expose enough tooth to attach a crown. Even if only one crown is being restored, Dr. Landau may need to modify the gums and bone around adjoining teeth to make for even and appealing results.

Dr. Landau is the Director of Dentistry and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Rush North Shore Medical Center. When considering a crown lengthening procedure, you’ll want to take the experience and credentials of your oral healthcare provider under consideration. That’s why Dr. Landau is often called upon by dentists, oral surgeons, and periodontists to provide crown lengthening for their patients.

Some patients have too much gum tissue, which can be an esthetic issue. Removing this soft tissue for cosmetic reasons can lead to a more even-looking and balanced smile.

Soft tissue lasers can remove gum tissue efficiently, safely, comfortably, and with extreme precision. The heat from lasers cauterizes the wound as the procedure is performed, either greatly reducing or completely eliminating bleeding. Soft tissue lasers are also helpful for providing an added level of sterilization to the area during the procedure.

To find out more about the office of Mark J. Landau, D.D.S. near Chicago, IL, contact us. We’re conveniently located in Skokie near Evanston, Wilmette, Northbrook and Highland Park. Patients visit Dr. Landau for complex reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry from all over the United States because of his talent, skill, and reputation.